Thermo-Connection / Wire Fusing

The Thermo-Connecting process, also known as wire fusing, offers many advantages to traditional connection methods. The number one advantage is that no stripping of the enamel wire is required.

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This process uses a tin coated sleeve, tube, or cable terminal lug. The operator places the enamel wires and the lead wire into the sleeve, tube, or lug. Using both heat and pressure, the wires are fused together. This process creates a strong and long-lasting connection.

For higher production requirements, we offer a machine that automatically forms the terminal clip. The operator only needs to place the wires into the formed clip.

For the thermo-connecting process, AMT offers the line of Castech machines. Castech is a Europe based company who has been making Thermo-Connecting machines for over 40 years. AMT is the sales and service representative for Castech in the USA, Canada, and Mexico markets.

You can view the various Castech machines by visiting their website at 

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Speed Up Your Connection Area with a Thermo-Connection Machine

The connection phase of stator production can be the most labor-intensive part of the process. 

Contact AMT to see how we can help eliminate some of this cost from your motors.