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We believe that every design, every component and every machine speaks of the AMT promise—unparalleled quality and unyielding customer service.

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For over half a century, Advanced Machine and Tool, along with AMT Precision Parts, has sculpted the landscape of winding equipment, custom automation and tooling. Our global footprint, with machines and toolings gracing six continents, stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation.

Starting our journey in 1970, we marked our territory in the electric motor, generator and automotive industries. This voyage of excellence further expanded in 1995 with AMT Precision Parts specializing in top-notch tooling and spare parts tailored for the winding equipment sector. Our continual quest for growth led us to venture into custom automation in 2001—a testament to our quality and attention to detail. 

The core of our principles lies in two pillars—quality and service. Our commitment to quality echoes from the meticulous engineering plans to the final assembly lines of our shop floor. Our post-sales service philosophy is just as profound. After all, what value does even the finest equipment have if it's not backed up by unwavering support? Our machines aren't just about today; they're designed for decades.