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From its inception, AMT has been synonymous with the zenith of tooling in the electric motor industry. Our journey began alongside the pioneers of winding equipment, establishing an unparalleled legacy that spans over half a century.

Key Offerings:

Winding and Inserting Tooling

Replacement tooling and spare parts for the winding equipment industry.

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Custom Parts

Custom engineered parts that are fine-tuned to your specific requirements.

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Industrial Spare Parts

A testament to our dedication to quality and longevity.

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Our Story

Starting in 1964, AMT's dedication to precision tooling was recognized by industry giants like General Electric, marking our foray into manufacturing tooling tailored for winding equipment. This collaboration paved the way for AMT's expansion into crafting winding equipment machines, catering not just to GE but a plethora of motor manufacturers by 1970.

1995 saw AMT Precision Parts emerge as a distinct entity, signifying our unwavering commitment to tooling. This commitment was epitomized in 2020, when AMT and AMT Precision Parts unified, combining decades of expertise under one banner.

Today, AMT Precision Parts extends beyond its roots, offering an array of tooling and spare parts to diverse industries, underscoring our versatility and dedication to quality.