Unparalleled Stator Production Tooling by AMT Precision Parts

Crafting Motor Excellence, One Tool at a Time

AMT Precision Parts is at the heart of motor manufacturing, offering an exhaustive range of tooling solutions tailored for your stator production line. With our expertise, we ensure your electric motor manufacturing process achieves unparalleled precision every step of the way.

Drift Tooling 2 ~ 800
Featured Tooling Offerings:

Core-Build Tooling: From welding to cleating and core stacking, our tooling ensures efficiency and precision.

Slot Insulators: Comprehensive tools including slot cell pushers, alignment arbors, dies and keys to guarantee precision alignment.

Winders: Featuring coilforms and transfer tools to streamline the winding process.

Inserters: Reigning supreme in insertion tooling with popular choices like blades, wedge guides, strippers and pushers. Don't forget our specialized tooling for the wedgemaker.

Drift Presses: Superior drift fins and pull jaws for impeccable results.

Final Form Presses: Offering ID shoes, OD jaws, compression rings and cuff supports to shape perfection.

Lacers: Precision-made needles, looper tubes, hot knife blades and stator alignment keys for a seamless lace-up.

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