Craftsmanship Meets Automation

With half a century's worth of expertise in tooling and automation, AMT presents RoboFin—a versatile solution to all your finishing needs. Whether you're tackling large industrial applications or collaborating with your preferred cobot, RoboFin stands ready. Dive into the world of efficient robotic material removal, from cutting and grinding to deburring, polishing and much more.

Our Offerings

Tool Heads

Rigid and Compliant.

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A wide range of high-quality pneumatic tools to handle various finishing tasks.

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Flexibility to collaborate with your favorite robot.

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Advantages of RoboFin

Precision & Consistency: Robots are unrivaled in their precision, ensuring the same high-quality output every time.

Enhanced Productivity: RoboFin can work tirelessly, reducing cycle times and boosting production rates.

Safety First: With RoboFin, keep your workforce safe from repetitive and dangerous tasks. This doesn't just protect your employees, but fosters a secure working environment.

Versatility: Adaptability is at the core of RoboFin, handling diverse materials and surface types for a multitude of applications.

Tool Optimization: Ensure your tool is being used on what it was made for, a sander not a hammer! When implementing RoboFin you will see an increase in your abrasive's lifespan by up to 200-300%.

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