The Dual-Edge of RoboFin: Tools Crafted for Precision & Power

Dive deep into RoboFin's unique tool offerings tailored to suit distinct robotic applications. Our cutting-edge compliant head is crafted especially for industrial robots, eliminating the need for a separate force torque sensor. Meanwhile, our rigid head seamlessly integrates with cobots, leveraging their inherent force torque sensors. RoboFin proudly stands as the sole tool changer in the marketplace, offering pneumatic tool changes while continuously supplying air to the tool.

Tool Heads 2 Resized 1200
Tool Head Types:

Compliant Head: Fine-tune your application with the flexibility to manually adjust the psi input to the compliant section of the tool holder. Amplifying the psi amplifies the force, giving you complete control over your tool's pressure on the workpiece.

Rigid Head: Harness the power of inbuilt force torque sensors in cobots. Simplified programming ensures optimal tool performance every time.

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