Empowering Production with Custom Automation

Take your manufacturing processes to the next level with AMT's custom automation solutions. We specialize in tailoring automation to match your specific requirements, amplifying productivity, enhancing quality and ensuring consistent production output.

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Deeper Dive

Our custom automation often incorporates features such as:

Sonic Welding: Harnessing industry-leading sonic welding systems for superior integration and application.

Testing: Incorporating rigorous post-assembly tests, from back EMF electrical tests to mechanical load and torque tests.

Material System Introduction: Offering multiple methods for introduction of parts to the assembly/processing equipment.  These systems may include, but not limited to, robotic transfer, cartesian transfer, vibratory bowl delivery and custom delivery methods.

Linear Transfer Processes: A myriad of linear processing methods, including palletized transfers, walking beams, electric linear, chain link conveyor systems, flexible link transfers, AGVs and more.

Rotary Index Processes: Employing many rotary transfer methods for efficient processing of parts through the automated process.

Press Applications: Expertise in a wide variety of press types including servo, hydraulic, pneumatic and air over oil, to name a few.

Silicon/Adhesive/Paint - Glue Dispensing: Comprehensive knowledge of sealing, gluing and applying liquids to meet your specific needs.

Cooling Stations: Experience in cooling a variety of materials, often applied in shrink fit applications.

Inline Testing: Incorporating comprehensive inline testing throughout the assembly process to ensure quality at every step.

Barcode Traceability: Ensuring full traceability of each part as it passes through an automated system/process.

Database Development/SCADA Servicing: Advanced capabilities in database development and SCADA servicing.

And much more!

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The AMT Advantage

Having served multiple industries, we've amassed an expansive "tool bag" of experience that we're ready to deploy for your next automation project. Even as we continue to serve the motor manufacturers' market with world-class machines, our extensive knowledge of automated processes allows us to offer the most sensible production solutions for new and existing customers wanting to automate. 

Rest assured, with AMT, you're not just getting a service. You're gaining a partner. A world leader in Electric Motor manufacturing and Custom Automation equipment, ready to tackle your production challenges.

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