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The commercial appliance sector thrives on efficiency, reliability and seamless operation. AMT's deep-rooted expertise in winding equipment, tooling and custom automation is perfectly tailored to meet these rigorous demands. From the quiet efficiency of HVAC motors to the resilience of backup generators ensuring business continuity, we redefine what's possible in commercial appliance technology. Delve into some of the pivotal applications where our solutions shine:

Commercial Appliance Motors: Powering HVAC units, refrigeration systems and food service equipment that businesses rely on daily.

Commercial Appliance Generators: Offering backup and decentralized energy solutions, ensuring no interruption in critical commercial operations.

Wound Stators for Commercial Automation Systems: Delivering precision and control for automated storage, retrieval systems and material handling equipment.

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Winding Equipment

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Custom Automation

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The AMT Difference:

Trust, precision and a commitment to commercial excellence is what set us apart in an industry where every detail matters.