AMT Expertise & Capabilities:
Pioneering Precision with Purpose

At Advanced Machine and Tool (AMT), our expertise isn't just a facet of our identity—it's our defining edge. With over half a century of unwavering commitment, we have forged a legacy built on innovation, precision and unparalleled expertise. Our wide-ranging capabilities underscore our pledge to excellence, ensuring that we remain leaders in our industry.

Key highlights of our expertise and capabilities include:

Decades of Dedication: Over 50 years spent designing and manufacturing equipment, mapping out our legacy of leadership.

The Power of Retention: Our greatest strength is our team. Their loyalty, experience and vast knowledge anchor our foundation, allowing us to build higher.

Rooted in Fort Wayne: All AMT equipment is proudly designed and manufactured in Fort Wayne, Indiana—a testament to our commitment to consistency and unmatched quality.

Loyal Clientele: Our customers are our biggest advocates, consistently returning for our unparalleled quality and service.

Precision in Parts: AMT Precision Parts stands as a hallmark of our dedication to excellence, ensuring that every tooling component elevates our products' quality.

A Legacy of Leadership: Inherited from a former electric motor plant manager, our ethos underscores the importance of maintenance-friendly and easy-to-upkeep equipment.

Cutting-Edge Custom Automation: Our forward-thinking venture into custom automation ensures AMT remains at the forefront of emerging technologies.

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