AMT's Guiding Statements
Code of Ethics

No matter the cost, we will never compromise the integrity of AMT. This integrity will be defined by our standards of honesty, loyalty and commitment to our customers and ourselves. 

Our Mission

AMT aspires to and will be recognized as a leader in the manufacture of automated equipment. AMT will attract and maintain highly skilled staff by relentlessly cultivating a world-class organization and team culture built on our foundational Code of Ethics. The people of AMT will provide our customers with unparalleled integrity, honesty and commitment that transcends any single opportunity awarded to us. 

Our Vision

AMT will only engage in activities where we can become the “best in our class”. We will always strive to cultivate an environment that attracts and retains the best people. We will maintain an agile organization that understands our current reality while remaining willing and capable of adjusting our organization to tomorrow's reality. AMT will only engage in activities that parallel our goals and objectives, persevering and never wavering in our vision to prevail as leaders in all we set out to do. 

Why Work With Us:
Value Proposition
  1. AMT has been in business serving the needs of production automation since 1970.
  2. With equipment installed in companies around the globe, AMT has the necessary support systems to maintain a global presence.
  3. AMT succeeds at building long-term relationships and providing a top-notch buying experience, one that yields excellent visibility, communication and results for our customers.
  4. AMT is at the forefront of incorporating today’s latest technologies into our machines and systems.