Comprehensive Services by AMT:
Beyond Equipment and Tools

Delving deeper than just winding equipment and automation, AMT offers an array of services tailored to support your immediate and future endeavors. We're more than just a supplier; we're your comprehensive partner in operational success.


Breathing life into existing equipment, AMT specializes in full-scale mechanical and electrical rebuilds, regardless of the original supplier.

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Engineering Excellence

Boasting a team of over 15 seasoned engineers, we're on hand to guide, answer and optimize both existing and upcoming projects. Benefit from our complimentary evaluation service, ensuring your designs are primed for long-term success.

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R&D Prototyping

Pioneering new concepts? Our adept team collaborates on R&D projects, ensuring seamless transitions from designs to full-scale production.

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Dive Deeper

To further explore our extensive service offerings and discover how we can propel your operations forward, reach out to our experts.