Your Ultimate Guide to Robofin Tool Types

Unleashing the Power of Precision with RoboFin's Tool Selection

Having forged an alliance with an industry titan in tooling, RoboFin has been empowered to craft tool holders in universally accepted sizes. Our product suite now boasts the 5, 7 and 10 series holders, seamlessly integrating with our partner's .5 hp, .75 hp and 1 hp tools, giving you a diverse range to choose from.

Tools 2 Resized
Tool Types:
  • Custom Air Blow gun
  • .25 hp Random Orbital Sander
  • .5 hp Straight Die Grinder (Details on applicable tool holders & specs)
  • .5 hp Right Angle Die Grinder (Details on applicable tool holders & specs)
  • .5 hp Extended Die Grinder
  • .5 hp Belt Sander
  • .5 hp Right Angle Sander
  • .75 hp Right Angle Extended Die Grinder
  • 1 hp Angle Grinder
  • 1 hp High Torque Offset Die Grinder
  • 1 hp Drill
  • 1 hp Shear
  • 1 hp Nibbler
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Experience a new age of tooling precision with RoboFin's premium collection.