RoboFin Tooling: The Ultimate Robotic Integration

Seamless Adaptability with RoboFin

Designed with precision, all RoboFin tooling seamlessly mounts onto a UR-10. Yet, its versatility doesn’t stop there. With our range of adapters and our commitment to customization, RoboFin promises compatibility with just about any robot out there.

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Key Features:

Universal Mounting: With listed adapters like the UR-10 Mount, Kawasaki RS 50 and more, RoboFin can be adapted to any robotic platform.

Industrial Communication: Our tool holders are fitted with sensor setups, ensuring smooth communication when integrated with industrial robots.

Efficient Tool Racks: With RoboFin's tool rack holder, switch between tools without a hitch. One tool remains securely in position while the robot utilizes another, optimizing workflow.

Custom Solutions: Got a unique requirement? From transportable carts to integrating RoboFin into an existing line, our solutions cater to your specific needs

  • UR-10 Mount
  • Kawasaki RS 50
  • [And more...]
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Your robotic assembly deserves the best. Let RoboFin elevate your production process.