Power Conveyor Systems: Elevating Your Automation Process

In the world of automation, sometimes power conveyor systems outperform even robotics.

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Four Decades of Power Conveyor Excellence

For over 40 years, AMT has been providing power conveyor systems for the stator winding industry. Even in this age of advanced robotics, power conveyors can be the ideal choice for automation for several reasons:

Non-Gravity-Friendly Products
Power conveyors are optimal when gravity conveyors aren’t suitable due to the size or geometry of your product.

Speed Matters
For quick parts transportation of parts between processes, power conveyors come into their own.

Long Leads
For stators with long leads, power conveyors can accommodate leads up to 2 meters and beyond.

If individual- part tracking is a necessity, power conveyors simplify the process.

Reduced Interaction & Maintenance
Power conveyors demand less operator interaction and maintenance compared to gravity systems.

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Can a Power Conveyor Benefit You?

Ready to optimize your production process with our reliable power conveyor systems? Get in touch with AMT today to experience the power conveyor difference in your automation journey.