Alternator Equipment: Powering the Future

AMT is proud to be a leading supplier of alternator equipment for the last 40 years, offering a comprehensive range of tools to produce both new and remanufactured alternators.

Alternator Stators 2 ~ 800
Alternator Wound Coils 3 ~ 800

Innovation and Efficiency

Embracing the most efficient production methods, our "wave winding" and insert process greatly reduces magnet wire material costs compared to traditional in-slot or hand-placed coils. Coupled with current inserting technology, high slot fill alternators are easily achievable.

Alternator Final Former 4 ~ 800

Flexibility and Diversity

Over the years, our most popular alternator equipment has been the low to medium production level line of machines. These tools provide automated production while maintaining the flexibility for complete line changeover. This line includes slot insulators, wave wind and insert machines and final form and wedge sets. We have machines suitable for alternators with 36, 42, 48 and 72 slots.

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Harness the Power of AMT

Invest in efficiency and future-proof your production line with our innovative alternator equipment. Reach out to AMT today to explore your options.