Drift and Preform Machines: Precision Prepares Perfection

Get your stators ready for another round of wire insertion or coil formation with the help of AMT's drift and preform machines.

Stator Preform Press 2a
Advanced Drifting

Drifting of the wire after each insertion pass is a crucial, yet an often-overlooked step towards achieving higher stator slot fills. With years of expertise, AMT has mastered numerous advanced features in this domain. Some of these enhancements include:

  • Expand-to-pressure drift fins
  • Individual expand-to-pressure drift fins
  • Expanding ID pull jaws on both ends
  • Collapsing OD shoes
  • Compression rings for both endturns

These features ensure the perfect drift and preform, setting a firm foundation for the steps to follow.

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Enhance Your Stator Production

Equip your production line with our drift and preform machines and experience superior readiness for wire insertion or coil forming. Get in touch with AMT today for the right solution to boost your production efficiency.