Slot Insulators: Perfect Precision Every Time

At AMT, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of machines for slot insulation placement in stator or rotor slots, also known as slot cell inserters.

Stator Insulator 2 ~ 800
Explore the AMT Range

Discover the variety of machines AMT has to offer, tailor-made to your exact requirements:

Standard slot insulators: Paper is changed for each stator stack length.

Developed width insulator: Material corresponds to the developed width of the slot perimeter.

Rectangular wire rotor "S" shaped insulator: Innovative design for increased efficiency.

Shaded pole notched insulator: Precisely designed for perfect fit.

ECM stator insulator: Specifically crafted for Electronically Commutated Motors.

Heat-formed Mylar insulators: For that perfect insulation fit.

Cuffed and cut insulators: Ideal for manual placement into stators.


Our insulators find use in various applications.  We offer both vertical and horizontal insulators, from stand-alone units to fully automatic. 

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Ready to Insulate with Precision?

Embrace the excellence of AMT's wide range of slot insulators for your production needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can elevate your production process with precision slot insulation.