Stator Core Build: Precision at Its Finest

Take the next step in securing your laminations into a high-quality stator with AMT, from stand-alone machines to full automation.

Core Build Tooling 2 ~ 800
Core Building Techniques

Craft your perfect stator core with AMT's variety of building techniques tailored to your unique needs:

Welding: Experience the precision of TIG, plasma, MIG and laser welding under the expert guidance of AMT.

Cleating: Also known as banding, we've cleated stators with ODs up to 500 millimeters and stack lengths up to 1.2 meters.

Slinky Wound Core 3 ~ 800

Slinky Core Building

Unlock the potential of our automated slinky core building process, rolling a narrow strip of stamped lamination material into a perfect stator.

Lamination Stack Select System 4 ~ 800

Lamination Stacking Systems

Experience seamless lamination stacking with our automatic systems, selecting the exact number of laminations and delivering them to the next operation as an assembled stack.

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Ready for Superior Stator Cores?

Elevate your production with AMT's innovative stator core build solutions. Contact us today, and we’ll craft a custom solution for your specific needs.