Stator Lacers: Precision and Quality

Delivering excellence in the electric motor industry, AMT specializes in manufacturing double-end lacers. We've recently expanded our capabilities to accommodate medium to large frame stators.

Large Frame Stator Lacer 2 ~ 800
Quality Lacing Solutions

Our distinction in the industry is due to the superior-quality lacing options we provide. We know the difference between a good knot tie and a bad one. Our lacing solutions offer numerous valuable features to ensure a secure, durable hold, including:

  • Chain type, diamond stitching for tight endturn bundles
  • Automatic stack height adjustment
  • Adjustable needle stroke and lift
  • Lacer needle and looper tube cord feed system, eliminating center post cord threading
  • Full automatic, jog or manual mode operation
Integrative Systems

System integration is a top priority for all of AMT’s solutions. Our lacing machines can adapt seamlessly to your process, offering flexibility in loading and unloading.

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Secure Your Stator Production Today

Let AMT's extensive experience in stator lacing technology work for you. Contact us today to explore how our stator lacers can boost your production efficiency and quality.