Wind and Insert Machines: Efficiency Amplified

Experience the seamless integration of winding and inserting, the two core aspects of stator production, with AMT's wind and insert machines.

Wind and Insertion Machine 2 ~ 800
Combining Strengths

The wind and insert machine combines the two fundamental "winding equipment" operations into one unit. With this machine, wire is automatically wound into the upper insertion toolings, negating operator wire transferring issues often seen with stand-alone equipment. The result? A significant increase in throughput, as no coil transferring is needed.

Flexibility in Operation

Much like other AMT equipment, the wind and insert machine can operate in two distinct modes across our customers' plants:

Stand-Alone: The operator simply loads and unloads the stator core. The integrated machine does the rest—crafting wedges, winding and transferring the wire into the upper tooling and inserting the wire into the stator core.

Automatic Systems:The same machine operates within a robot, power conveyor or gravity conveyor auto system for higher automation.


Our wind and insert combination machines can feature one, two or three winding heads, offering flexibility to suit your production needs.

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