Winders: Powering Efficiency in Every Turn

AMT's robust winders are versatile and designed to cater to a multitude of applications. Whether it's a 25-millimeter bore shed winder or a 2-meter square wire winder utilizing copper or aluminum wire, we offer the machine to meet your unique requirements.

Precision Stator Coil Winder 2 ~ 800
Winding Solutions for All Needs

Each AMT winder is designed with one focus: to deliver efficiency and add value to your production process. Explore our diverse range of winders:

Shed or Kicker Pin Winder: An industry staple, suitable for winding single-strand small bore stators to large frame stators with multiple wires in parallel. With wind speeds exceeding 4,000 rpm depending on the product, it's ideal for integration into our semi-automatic and fully automatic systems.

Arbor Winder: The AMT Arbor Winder is perfect for low production applications, or for very large stators.

No-Twist Coil Winder: Precision winding wires on coilforms for no-twist coils, aiding the insertion process and handling large numbers of wires in parallel.

External Slot Flyer Winder: High-speed wire winding into the extra slots of stators, used for diverse products from high-speed front-loading washing machines to large manufacturing overhead ceiling fans.

Flat Wire Winder: For perfect layer winding of rectangular wire coils for hand placement into large stators, with coils lengths up to 2 meters.

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Wind Up Your Production Process Today

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